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Anti-Virus Software

Computer viruses have always been a threat to users.  Throughout the years, they've taken several forms and used several different tactics to inconvenience computer users. Today, computer viruses are more aggressive than ever, and unfortunately don’t only pose a risk to the stability of your system – computer viruses can even facilitate the theft of your personal information and financial details.

Luckily, our expert technicians are veterans in the field of virus combat.  IT Systems uses sophisticated detection and removal techniques to neutralize computer viruses.  Most importantly, unlike other computer repair outlets, we are often able to non-destructively fix the problem, keeping your valuable programs and data untouched.

Do you suspect your computer may be infected with a virus?  Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to run applications

  • Persistent pop-up messages

  • Unfamiliar programs warning of several infections (fake antivirus scams)

  • Sudden slowness

  • Being re-directed to strange webpages

If you feel your computer may be infected with a virus, or would like to ensure your computer has the latest protection against modern threats, be assured that IT Systems has the knowledge and experience to ensure your computing experience is a safe and reliable one – for a cost that’s highly competitive and fair to you. 


We will install an superb Anti-Virus Software program to help protect your computer in the future.  We offer a 2-year protection plan and the more licenses you buy for your business, the more you save.    Don't go another day without all of your computers being protected.  Contact us today!

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