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Hosted Exchange eMail

Messaging lies at the heart of a business' ability to communicate.  Employees need to interact quickly and effectively with coworkers, suppliers, clients and more.  Microsoft Exchange helps your company boost productivity by offering a unified mail, calendaring and contact management system that works across PCs, the web and mobile devices.

Cloud Exchange from IT Systems provides all the benefits of Exchange without the inconvenience of managing a traditional messaging solution.  We host the latest Exchange technologies for a low yearly fee, which has several benefits including access from anywhere and overall reduced costs.  Because we host the service, customers are no longer required to purchase expensive site licenses or hire IT staff to maintain their mail systems.  Your bottom line is about reliable messaging at a fair price, and IT Systems provides just that.

More and more businesses are making the switch to Hosted Exchange.  Lower costs, better security and the ability to re-deploy IT staff for other projects and initiatives are attractive advantages of the Software-as-a-Service model.  When you're ready to evaluate your options, contact IT Systems to speak with a representative about how your business can benefit from the cloud!

Traditionally, Exchange would be hosted physically within your company's office. However, supporting an on-premise messaging solution absorbs much of a business' IT budget. In addition to buying the software, you must expend resources on maintenance, implementation, upgrades, licensing, support and archiving. Hosted Exchange moves your mail, contacts, and calendar to a datacenter to completely eliminate unnecessary costs and unnecessary downtime.

Whether you have an existing Exchange installation or you're simply looking to improve your present messaging solution, give IT Systems a call today to begin experiencing the cloud advantage!

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